Dorset woman suffering from PTSD is forced to flee violent housing estate due to lack of deterrent from Dorset Police

Dorset woman suffering from PTSD is forced to flee violent housing estate due to lack of deterrent from Dorset Police

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With echo’s of the Fiona Pilkington case of 2007 a vulnerable lady was being threatened by her next door neighbour, from being called a ‘Mad Bitch’ to her car being scratched . There were also queues of people lining up outside her neighbours door from 10pm till 3 in the morning. However Dorset Police dismissed her calls for help in March 2020 and recorded it as low level anti-social behaviour (ASB)

‘Linda’ (not her real name) then contacted her County Councillor who in turn contacted ‘Linda’s’ MP but despite these representations as well as from friends and family the Dorset Police were reluctant to resource any effective deterrent.

But it was only when her Housing Association installed a video doorbell in Feb 2021 that the full horror of threats of a ‘brick through a window’, people lining up outside her neighbours front door and a woman stabbing the same front door, became apparent.

As a backdrop to this HUGS had already written to Dorset Chief Constable Vaughn in Feb 2020 to engage with the Dorset Police, making positive suggestions on Mental Health and Policing but there was no reply from him or Martyn Underhill (Dorset PCC at the time). HUGS also emailed Simon Thornbury (Strategic Manager for Mental Health, Dorset Police) in 2020 but again no reply.

In April 2021 HUGS became alerted to ‘Linda’s’ plight and made a complaint to the Dorset IOPC on her behalf and when David Sidwick became elected as the new Dorset PCC in May 2021 HUGS highlighted her situation and subsequently invited Mr Sidwick to a meeting with Dorset County Council Safeguarding, County Councillors, Mental Health Professionals and Dorset Police to create a long term solution but again no response.

Both ‘Linda’ and HUGS feel dismissed and ignored by Dorset Police.

If you have any concerns after reading this report please email David Sidwick Dorset PCC on

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