Third Party Reporting in Dorset

Third Party Reporting in Dorset

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Third Party reporting is a method of reporting a crime to a neutral (third party) organisation which can then make representation to the Police. A third-party reporting system was set up in Tower Hamlets in the wake of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report recommending independent organisations be set up to deal with racially motivated crime. This has now been expanded to include other vulnerable groups such as those suffering from mental health issues. Those suffering from mental distress can find it exceedingly difficult to deal with the police. When they report a crime they are frequently not believed because of their mental health, the Police take a long time to respond and in some cases people are treated as the perpetrator rather than the victim (Source: ‘At Risk Yet Dismissed’ MIND 2013). By using a Third Party they are more likely to be treated with empathy and understanding. They are more likely to have a dedicated Police team/officer assigned to them who are experienced in managing vulnerable adults and they are more likely to have their case taken seriously. The third-party organisation can also present information on data gathered to
the Police regarding demographics and geographical information to identify trends. It will need a major organisation to operate this whether it be a charity such as MIND or at County level and also the co-operation of Dorset Police.

If you’ve had experience of Dorset Police good or bad please get in touch with HUGS using our contact form.

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